The Mission

To build the first genuine customer to operator platform

Part of Vista Global, TechX is a technology company headquartered in Dubai, focused on building high-tech travel solutions for the business aviation industry.

By use of data science, integration and automation, TechX's platform will optimize all interactions among stakeholders in the service chain.

TechX's platform shortens the distance between customers and fleet operators by creating a truly decentralized, customer centric, Business to Consumer network. Once completed, the platform will connect customers directly with flight operators and other service providers, reducing transaction costs, delays and greatly improving efficiency and the customer experience.

Through TechX's platform, customers will be able to plan all their travel arrangements in a simple, secure and convenient manner. Operators and other service suppliers will be able to find customers and manage their relationship with them from booking to landing at much lower costs.

The Benefits

Generate Leads

Competitive prices


By removing the middle man and transacting directly with the operator, customers can enjoy more competitive prices


By contracting directly with customers, operators and suppliers can improve their margin without having to raise their prices

Generate Leads

More choices


Choose your next flight from a variety of trusted operators and suppliers


Diversify your customer acquisition strategy by receiving additional leads from a fast-growing digital channel

Generate Leads

All under one roof


Manage all your itineraries and services on one platform from the convenience of your phone


Communicate with your customer throughout the flight life cycle from a single platform: share itineraries, movement messages, invoices and more

Generate Leads

Bespoke service


Customer preferences will be used to create a perfect flight experience


Opportunity for the operator to deliver a personalized service, leading to customer retention and repeat sales

The platform

TechX is based on 4 main corner stones:

How is this done? How is this done?

The team

Having worked in the industry for many years, the TechX team has a proven track record of delivering sophisticated technology solutions for the leading fleet operator VistaJet.

With a global network of technology partners, TechX counts 50 specialists such as software engineers, data scientists and designers who are not only skilled on the latest cutting-edge technologies but also knowledgeable of the industry.

The combination of business and technical knowledge sits at the heart of the company’s innovation strategy.

Part of the Vista Global, founded by aviation entrepreneur Thomas Flohr, TechX also benefits from the know-how of additional experts in its sister companies.

Some of our software development partners: Monitora, VentureDive and Digitally Inspired

Meet our management team:

Pedro Nassif

Prior to joining TechX, Pedro has worked as CIO at VistaJet for 7 years, helping the company grow from 20 to 73 aircraft. Prior to VistaJet, Pedro also held senior roles as technology executive in equity trading environments at investment banks and hedge funds. Pedro holds a BSc in Computer Engineering and an MBA.

Manisha Ladwa

With 18 years of experience in the travel industry, of which 13 were spent with VistaJet, Manisha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Following a degree in Economics, Manisha started her career in aviation as a Financial Analyst before moving to IT. Manisha now manages the Product and Business Development team to be the driving force for TechX.